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These cute porcelain bears were designed by artist Lucy Rigg for Enesco from 1979-1998. Lucy began making dough figurines for street fairs in Seattle. She later helped Enesco design the popular Lucy & Me line producing over 1000 figurines, mugs, musicals, bells, jack in boxes, banks, cookie jars, and plush bears. Lucy has also designed scrapbook and baby items for CR Gibson, Frances Meyer, and It Takes Two.
Years ago, Lucy Rigg, along with several serious collectors created the official the Lucy & Me Collector's Book and Gift Registry. It is a wonderful informational tool for this delightful collection. This book contains pictures, item numbers, and other information about this Enesco bear line from 1979 through 1994. This is not a value guide. Unfortunately it is out of print and can be difficult to find. In 1999, we created update pages for this collector book with pictures and information of the figurines made from 1994-1998. If you would like more information about the update pages, please email me at rigglet@aol.com.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lucy & Me

The following are a series of questions I've been asked throughout the years about Lucy & Me. I have done my best to find out the correct answers. Most of the answers come from above mentioned collector guide. Opinions stated here are solely my own. If you have other information to add or to correct my answers, please email me.

1. What is a Rigglet? When Lucy created her original dough figures out of baker's clay, she called them "Rigglets" whether they were the little chubby-cheeked people or the bears. When Enesco first made the bear figurines in 1979, they were stamped "Rigglets" on the bottom. In the middle of the year in 1979, Enesco dropped the name Rigglets and began using "Lucy & Me" as the official name of the bears. "Lucy & Me" was the name of Lucy Rigg's company at the same time. This is why you can find some bears in 1979 stamped Rigglets and others stamped "Lucy & Me" or "Lucy Rigg."

2. What lines did Lucy create for Enesco? There are many lines Lucy created besides the ever popular Lucy & Me bear line. First there are dough people and bears that look like the ones she sold at street fairs. Next are the porcelain people from 1979, marked Lucy Rigg. Then came the bear line, first known as Rigglets and then known as Lucy & Me. In 1984, Lucy designed a line of flopped earred rabbits called Rosie & Me. These were inspired by her new French Lopped earred rabbit she received for Easter. In 1986, Lucy designed a line called "Christian" who was a little boy with a wonderful personality and a bright colored costume. Also in 1986, Lucy designed "Faith, Hope, and Charity" line. In 1994, Lucy created the "Chapeau Noelle" line and later, the "Beary Best" line of bears. She also designed the "I'm in the Garden" series for Enesco that was later dropped from production and only the prototypes remain.

3. Why weren't Glenda the Good Witch or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer made? These are two of the most often questions asked. Glenda was not made because Enesco chose not to make that figurine for the set. Rudolph was not made due to copyright reasons. In the late 1990's Enesco released the Lucy & Me bear as a bottle of Tobasco sauce, which was later pulled from the market due to copyright restraints.

4. How many bears are there? How many different items exist? How many do you have in your collection? The answer for all these questions is a whole bunch (over 1000)!!! This will be further explained in the next question.

5. I have a bear not pictured in the book. Why?

Many bears were not pictured in the collector book for various reasons. The bear in sick bed musical pictured in the musical section was also made into a figurine. He should have been pictured on the first page of the general section and wasn't. Also, the Greatest Dad bear is pictured twice on the first page--actually the Irish bear should be in the 4th row instead of Greatest Dad. On page 5, only some of the letter sweater bears were pictured. Actually all of the letters were made except for 5 (no Q, U, X, Y, or Z) . On page 7, the older cheerleader bears came in two different designs, and were made in three colors. For instance there is a cheerleader in green uniform holding two poms, and a cheerleader in green uniform with one pom and a megaphone. There are also blue and pink cheerleaders. While only 3 cheerleaders were pictured, there actually are 6. On page 8, the month bears are listed, but the December bear is not pictured--he can be found in the Christmas section, page 4, bottom row. On page 14, top row, there are some baby bears. There should be a baby in pink on her back on a blanket, and a baby in blue on his back on a blanket. Also there should be a boy in blue with his roly poly toy and a girl in pink with her roly poly toy. Also, one musical missing from the musical section in the collector book is Mother Goose in her chair. She was originally pictured in the figurine section but removed in the first update pages. No new musical pages were made so she was left out. The update pages were did in 1999 added all the newer general and Christmas figurines to the book. There are no new pages for the other sections in the book, or the other lines--Chapeau Noelle, Beary Best, or the prototype line 'I'm in the Garden.'

6. Many of the bear lines are spread throughout the pages. Why? The figurines were put in order by item number. Some figurines were given item numbers farther away from similar figurines.

7. So, what exactly goes together? Well, that's the neat thing about Lucy and Me bears. They are small enough, you can mix them up together for your own displays. For instance, in the Wizard of Oz set, there are Dorothy, Tinman, Lion, Scarecrow, and the Wicked Witch of the West. There is no Glenda--but if you needed a Glenda, you could use the Fairy Godmother from the Cinderella Series. The official Noah's Ark series includes: an Ark Shelf, Noah, Mrs. Noah, elephant, lion, monkey, zebra, tiger, turtle, giraffe, toucan, kangaroo, owl, frog, moose, penguin, and beaver. These figurines were made as single figurines, not as pairs, but many collectors have tried to get two of each animal for the ark. Many other animals were made--dolphin, butterfly, snail, caterpillar, robin, bluebird, lobster, fish, etc. but they were not called Noah's Ark animals. The older full nativity set includes: Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, 3 Wisemen, shepherd, 2 sheep, drummer boy, 3 musical angels, angel with songbook, angel with star, shepherd holding lamb, shepherd kneeling with lamb, 4 nativity animals, bear on camel.

8. Who is Ruffles? Ruffles is a cat figurine that can be found on page 16, row 4, 3rd over, and 5th over. The first figurine is called Ruffles and Birthday bear. The other figurine is called Ruffles goes to school. She can be paired with Lucybear with his school backpack. There are also three Ruffles musicals, Ruffles and Santa bear in Sleigh, Ruffles and Birthday bear, and Ruffles with bear in bed.

9. So, other than what you mentioned above, what is missing in the collector book in each section? Collectors, this is where I need your help. I will try to make a list here, and based on your imput, will update what you send me. Many many many items were made in the Lucy and Me line and I couldn't possibly list everything here, but I would like to mention a few things not pictured in the book in their correct sections.

HANGING ORNAMENTS: 1993 snowflake bear ornament, set of 6 flat snowflake ornaments with bear designs, bear as gift tag, bear in flour scoop 1995, 1996 bear holding sleigh, (no dated ornament in 1997), 1998 ice skater ornament.

THIMBLES: Rigglets 1979 bear thimble, set of four fruit thimbles.

PLATES (Christmas): 1992 Joy to the World plate, 1993 plate, 1994 plate, 1995 plate, 1996 plate, 1997 plate.

MUSICALS: elf working at toyshop, bear on Christmas sleigh, bear driving train, 2 bears on couch.

MUGS: (Please help me here my memory is failing) 1994 mug, 1995 mug, 1996 mug, 1997 mug, 3 Seed packet mugs.

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